A comprehensive range of timber flooring services in Auckland.

Floor Restorations Ltd is the company to call for professional timber flooring services in Auckland. We use solvent based, water-borne polyurethane, or organic floor varnishes for those who want natural coatings. Floor Restorations Ltd can also oil (which comes in a variety of colours) your floor for a more traditional look.

For our future clients that are concerned about large gaps between the floorboards, we can fill these using a special EPOXY filler tinted to match the type timber we are restoring. So if you want a high quality job done by tradesmen who are passionate about restoring the life into your timber flooring, call Floor Restorations Ltd.

Our Services

Benefit from the advice and information that we have collected from over 30 years of sanding floors throughout Auckland. Floor Restorations Ltd can:

  • Restore all types of timber flooring to bring out their warmth and natural beauty
  • Stain or colour wash your floors with either a solvent based or oil stain and a specially tinted water-borne polyurethane
  • Supply, repair or lay T&G flooring
  • Fill large or draughty gaps in the floor with special fillers
  • Use our virtually dust free sanding system. All of our machinery can be connected to our industrial vacuums.

Solvent Based Polyurethane

Floor Restorations Ltd recommends clients vacate the house when large areas of floors are being coated with solvent based polyurethanes due to the toxic fumes. The strong odour lasts for about 2 days after the job is complete, but airing out the room the following day can help quicken the odour removal.

  • Three gloss levels: gloss, satin and low sheen
  • Hard wearing
  • Enriches grain
  • Yellows or darkens with age
  • Strong odour

Water-Borne Polyurethane

  • Four gloss levels: gloss, satin, matt and ultra matt
  • Just as durable as solvent based polyurethanes
  • Lightens the floor
  • Non yellowing, doesn’t darken with age
  • Can be tinted with special tints
  • Low odour, non toxic
  • It is normally safe to live in the house when using this product.

As with the solvent based polyurethane, the full curing time for water-borne polyurethane is seven days. During this time care is to be taken when using the floor.

Natural Oils And Varnishes

There are a few natural oils and varnishes available for people wanting to use ECO products. These are usually organic or citrus based.


There are solvent and oil based stains suitable for using with both types of polyurethane. Floor Restorations Ltd can usually mix stains to get your desired colour.


We use a pre mixed water-based filler for filling nail holes and small chips in the timber. If you have large gaps between the floorboards, we have a special EPOXY filler to use in these areas. Contact our office in Auckland for more information.